We want to see your business grow, which in turn helps the city grow. Did you know that studies have shown that 70-80% of jobs that come to our area will be through the expansion of existing businesses. With this in mind, we want to partner with our existing businesses and market their goods and services. Consider this, what if 20% of the businesses in the city create one new job next year? That would be tremendous growth for Bluefield! We want to develop a stronger web presence for the City of Bluefield. Someone once told me that if we do not tell our story, someone else will and we will not like how they tell it. There are many great things in Bluefield and we want to actively promote what we have. Your business is one of those great things. We are in this together. If I can be of service, please do not hesitate to contact me.

– Jim Spencer, Community and Economic Development Director


Small Business Saturday

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Entrepreneurship Option Workshop

We live in a region that has been negatively impacted by the loss of jobs especially in coal and other related industry sectors.  This has had a negative influence on the entire economy in our [...]


Growing Businesses

Starting a new business can at times be a daunting prospect for would-be entrepreneurs. There are a number of obstacles that must be overcome, and getting the potential entrepreneurs in contact with the right people who can [...]

Starting Your Business

Starting a business can be an overwhelming process, but we’re here to make it easy. …

How to Get Started

To compliment your hard work and ingenuity, your new business needs access to the resources and information that help create an environment of success.


Relocate Your Business

The City of Bluefield has everything businesses need to prosper. Let's discuss how we can help you.

Consider a Move to Bluefield

Bluefield is willing to support business through targeted investments that provide immediate returns and long-term benefits for our citizens.

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You have invested in this community with hard work and unique ideas. Now it's our turn to invest in you.

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Bluefield's Business Incentives

Bluefield has numerous economic development incentives available through state and federal programs.

Incentives, Grants and Financial Assistance

Our staff and partners will assist you in identifying and securing economic development incentives and gap financing, including grants, tax credits, tax breaks and loan guarantees.


The unemployment rate in Bluefield, West Virginia, is 6.80%, with job growth of -0.72%.
Future job growth over the next ten years is predicted to be 31.80%.

Bluefield, West Virginia Taxes
Bluefield, West Virginia,sales tax rate is 6.00%. Income tax is 6.00%.

Bluefield, West Virginia Income and Salaries
The income per capita is $23,484, which includes all adults and children.
The median household income is $32,571.