Starting a new business can at times be a daunting prospect for would-be entrepreneurs. There are a number of obstacles that must be overcome, and getting the potential entrepreneurs in contact with the right people who can help them with their proposed business venture is critical.

That’s why the ongoing efforts by city officials in Bluefield to work with potential entrepreneurs in the area is important. There are many opportunities for small-business growth in the region, including developments associated with the Hatfield-McCoy Trail and Spearhead Trail systems. Restaurants, lodging facilities and related accommodations are still needed to serve the growing number of out-of-town ATV riders who are traveling to our region.

But beyond the two ATV trail systems, there are many needs in the Bluefield area that can be met by those who are willing to step up and create their own business. Jim Spencer, the city’s Community and Economic Development Coordinator, has been actively involved in this process. Just last week, a new online survey was launched by the city in hopes of getting information from existing businesses and entrepreneurs who are thinking about starting a business.”

“We want business owners and entrepreneurs input,” Spencer told the Daily Telegraph last week. “We want to do a good job of serving them and addressing their needs. It’s an anonymous survey. After they take the survey if they would like to talk to me about any of those issues my number is 304-327-2401 ex. 2405 or I would love the opportunity to help them.”

The online survey can be found at

With hope both existing businesses in the city and potential entrepreneurs will take a few minutes to complete this important survey.

It is vital for existing businesses to have a line of communication with city hall, and for potential entrepreneurs to let the city know they are interested in developing a new business.

As we work to diversify our regional economy, continued small business growth will be critical.